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Star Anise'S STORY



At Star Anise Thai Cuisine, we believe in staying true and authentic to Thai taste. Our food is prepared with high-quality fresh ingredients and presented simply with a focus on flavor and quality that is uniquely Thai.  While our roots remain true to the culinary, we also expand the usage of our ingredients to what are best available locally and organically in order to provide more choices and variety to our customer.

Since 2008

Our journey began with our family recipes that we love. The food that we grew up with in Thailand.  At the end, We are able to recreate our most-comforting food memories right here at Star Anise's kitchen. Additionally, we understand the importance of global and local influences, therefore we always do our best to 

explore and to develop our  recipes in order to achieve 

new flavor of authenticity while celebrating the 

perpetual value of Thai cuisine.

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